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There are so many great Owl sanctuaries and foundations around the world who are doing fantastic work. We thought it would be appropriate to develop a list.

The list below is not complete so If you know of others, please drop us an email and we will be happy to include and promote.   


Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary

Moonlit Sanctuary

United Kingdom

Avon Owls

Kent Owl Academy

Owl Rescue

Screech Owl Wildlife Park

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

Scottish Owl Centre

Staffordshire Owl Experience and Bird of Rescue

The Barn Owl Centre

The Barn Owl Trust

The Owl Sanctuary Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre

Three Owls Bird Sanctuary and Reserve

Tomar Owl Sanctuary

United States

A Place Called Hope - Raptor Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education Center

Eagle Valley Raptor Center

International Owl Center

Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary

Owl Rescue Centre

Owl's Hill Nature's Sanctuary

Project SNOWstorm

Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre

The Owl Foundation

The Owls Trust

World of Owls