About us

Hoot Hoot and Welcome to the Little Owl Shop.

Our most important point is to let you know that we are real people and we love owls. So do you  - am I right ? 
The aim of our website is to bring awareness of events that are happening within the Owl community to you. We do this using our events page and social media sites.
Through awareness we hope people can provide support through financial donation or their time to the numerous sanctuaries and foundations around the world.
As we are not subject matter experts we will also link to articles of interest through our social media accounts.
We also sell Owl themed clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories from which 10% of the gross sale price of sales are directed to the Moonlit Sanctuary, Victoria, Australia to help support injured and rescued owls. All it takes is a few clicks and you have something special delivered to your door.
Thank you for your purchase, your time and your generosity. 
Eagle Owl